Hair Care Tips

If you want your virgin hair extensions to stay silky smooth, healthy, manageable and long-lasting follow these hair care tips!


How do I care for my virgin hair?

  • Never use alcohol base products this may dry the hair.  Look for a good quality shampoo and conditioner which will add life to your virgin hair extensions
  • It is recommended to always co-wash your virgin hair extensions with a moisturizing conditioner.  Keeping your virgin hair extensions clean is a very important factor for longevity of your hair extensions
  • Wash your virgin hair once a week with a non-sulfate moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush when washing or styling your virgin hair. Starting at the end and working your way up to the root
  • Let your hair air dry
  • Never go to bed with wet hair. Doing so can cause the hair to matte or even tangle
  • It is important not to put too much product in your hair extensions. Too many styling products may cause buildup
  • DO NOT put excessive heat on your virgin hair extensions because this will cause split ends and cause breakage of the hair
  • Use a lightweight oil/serum for daily use to keep your hair moisturized
  • Keep deep wave or curly hair natural looking and moisturized by using a spray bottle of water and leave in conditioner.  
  • Use hair rods at night to maintain your curls to reduce the amount of heat you will have to use on a daily basis. Also, you can make two loose braids or put your hair in a bun
  • Wear a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase
  • It is best to have your hair extensions installed by a professionally trained and licensed stylist. When coloring your hair extensions consult with a professional colorist
  • Get your re-installment done every 6-8 weeks
Treat your Hair Snob Collection virgin hair extensions as if it were your own and enjoy being a Hair Snob!